EdPays - Education Pays for Virginia


This website is the result of the generosity of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) in making available to College Measures its rich trove of data linking information about students who earn a higher education credential in the state and their wages post completion. In this website, we provide information about graduates who are working in the state labor market from Virginia’s public and many private colleges and universities. This effort is consistent with Virginia’s efforts to provide information to the public to help inform their educational decision making process.

Earning a higher education credential is an investment of time, effort and money. This website provides students, parents, and policymakers with valuable and realistic information about earning potential across different fields of study. This, we hope, will aid Virginians in making better informed decisions when choosing a college and major.

Please keep in mind when viewing this website that earnings may be related to geographical area of employment, that a large number of graduates are pursuing further education in Virginia or nationally and therefore aren’t in the workforce, and a number of Virginia graduates are working in other states and/or are self-employed, and are not accounted for in this website. Measures other than earnings, such as civic involvement, further education and quality of life, are not captured. With those limitations in mind, students and their families should nonetheless know about likely earnings outcomes before they choose and before they borrow to help finance their higher education.

Comments on the usability of the tool should be directed to mschneider@air.org.